I follow the safe, sane and consensual ethic.  I do not engage in dangerous or permanently altering play.

I take my role as a dominant very seriously and consider it my responsibility to carefully tend to the well-being of my submissives.  My goal is to discern, meet and exceed the needs of all my play partners.

  Play Style

My style of play tends toward the classic strict dominatrix.  My thinking is if we play let’s play all the way.   I am known for being formal and taking play right up to the negotiated limits.

I expect respectful submission.  My demeanor is mature and professional.  I wrote this entire website, and I speak in a manner similar to my writing.  I do not curse, raise my voice or lose my temper, but I will not tolerate insubordination.

I am of the era, before the rise of what I call the Internet Insta-Domme, when the title of Dominatrix was earned and commanded reverance.  I practice domination that is personal, private, discreet, and not merely fodder for an invented internet persona capitalizing on BDSM.

Although I do play for pay, I am not motivated or swayed by money, as I am a true lifestyle domina.  I choose to play professionally because I love it and the freedom it allows me.  I play for my own pleasure.  If you are of the now-common mindset that a dominatrix exists for your usage, you will do well to seek a beginner instead of an experienced professional such as myself.

I prefer extended play that allows me to fully enjoy myself through attaining and maintaining complete control.  I revel in the flow of energy between me and my clients.  I always respect limits, but I do like to mold my submissives to meet my needs, and to expand their horizons with new experiences.

I am extremely perceptive of minutia and skilled at analyzing and intuiting details about people, which I use to my pronounced advantage.

If you want to play with me in person, you will begin our journey by writing a respectful introduction, detailing your experience level and interests. You must include a reference for a  or by calling me on NiteFlirt, so I can determine if we are a match.

Personal Information

I hold a B.A. in Philosophy and an M.A. in Psychology.   I am passionate about learning.  Subjects that particularly interest me are theory, cosmology, physics, science, animals and art. 

I am a film buff.  I love learning about and watching movies and have seen thousands of films.  My favorites are mostly classic, foreign and 70’s era movies. 

My taste in music is eclectic ranging from classical to jazz to electronica.  I prefer to read non-fiction because it satisfies my hunger for learning.  I like to write.

I have chosen to share the information on this page about myself as I consider it relevant to describing me, as a dominatrix, but I am a very private person.  Be aware that questions about the personal life of a dominatrix are inappropriate (as are questions about a client’s personal life).  I will disregard and disapprove of questions for further information about me.


  Physical Description

I stand 5’ 8” barefoot, 125 lbs, slender frame, fair skin, with blue eyes.

Currently I have waist-long black hair.  Previously, you may have seen me with different hair; long or short hair in dark brown, auburn/brown, strawberry blonde or platinum.

My feet are size 9.5, I always keep my toes polished a deep dark red.

  About Terminology

I have never referred to the people who seek me as a dominatrix as my “slaves”, I call them my clients.

The position of slave is a particular honor reserved for a select few seeking an intense all-encompassing experience and I do not use the term casually.  To be clear, during fantasy roleplay with clients and play partners - I will use the term “slave” while playing if it fits the fantasy.  Outside of roleplay, I reserve the term “slave” for those who are in actual personal servitude to me. 





I started exploring BDSM in my teens but kept it private until I joined the Los Angeles lifestyle BDSM community in the early 90’s.  I frequented Threshold, Proscenium, and often played in public at The Fetish Club. 

After attending several of her play parties as a guest domme, I asked the legendary Sabrina Belladonna (RIP) about doing sessions at her private dungeon. She promptly hired me for her soon-to-be-opened house – The Velvet Underground.

I began my professional career as a house staff dominatrix, learning from Sabrina and co-owners Arch Mistress Catherine, and Goddess Storm. We held monthly play parties at which I was always present. 

Every shift I learned from my illustrious V.U. co-workers, many of whom went on to become successful independent dominatrices including Isabella Sinclaire and Georgia Payne.

After I went out on my own as an independent dominatrix, I rented session time at the Power Structures/G-Force studio in downtown L.A. owned by Sabrina, Isabella, Storm and later on, Ilsa Strix.  I was usually present at their play parties.  

Performing onstage at Sin-A-Matic in the back room became a weekend regular event for me.  I have also performed and modeled in fashion shows on other stages including The Fetish Ball and Kink in the Caribbean.

I built one of the first dominatrix websites on the internet and started posting my writings about BDSM. 

My articles and stories were published in magazines, and I was also featured in photo spreads and on the cover of several magazines including Marquis, Skin Two, Whap!, and Whips and Chains.  I wrote a monthly column called “WestCoast Bound” about the West Coast fetish scene for the East Coast magazine Black and Blue.

New York became my second home due to my monthly visits to session there, where I used the Nutcracker Suite dungeon to play. I also played often in nightclubs and at lifestyle parties, conferences and BDSM organization events in both NYC and LA.

I began traveling the world to play and attend events including being among the first to visit OWK.  In 1997, I became a Sublime Lady of OWK.  The highlight of visiting OWK was meeting FemDom enthusiasts from all over the world with whom I became close friends.

Some of my other favorite BDSM trips were Kink in the Caribbean in Jamaica, Europerve in Amsterdam and the Rubber Ball in London.

My experiences watching and playing with lifestyle and professional BDSM players around the world  has informed my own scenes.  I have been fortunate to play in several subcultures within the BDSM world including the spiritual subculture that utilizes sensory overload ritual to reach transcendent experience.

After years renting from others, I created my own private dungeon, Justice, located on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood, CA.  I built four themed rooms stocked with elaborate equipment and an extensive toy collection.

Soon I began taking on apprentices I felt had potential to become a professional dominatrix and renting session time to them.  They all became quite successful and some such as Domina M and Gemin are still sessioning today.  Others such as Mistress Kittin, Mistress Tabitha and Mistress Gemini have retired.  I also rented session time to my former V.U. co-worker Georgia Payne.  I took out a group ad featuring the Dommes sessioning at my dungeon and dubbed us “The Justice League”.

I held many play parties at my dungeon as I find the best format to realize my S & M fantasies is to create my own events. 

I also held play parties with the Justice League dommes which were structured as a court with me presiding as judge in trials punishing slave’s crimes.

One of my favorite accomplishments is consulting on BDSM for three films.

In 2001, I decided to stop taking sessions and play only on a personal level.  I continued to travel, host parties and play within the BDSM lifestyle scene.  But now I back as a ProDomme taking select sessions. To begin your journey with me, call me on NiteFlirt or write a polite introduction that includes contact info for a ProDomme who will vouch for you.

I still mentor new dominatrices.  I like passing on my knowledge, to give back to the BDSM community.  I’m proud that my more recent dominatrix proteges - Inga Larsson and Ekatarina Romanovich have excellent reputations and are quite successful.

All my Group classes in 2017 sold out with a long waitlist!

I am happy to be teaching a new generation of Dommes and reconnecting with people in the BDSM scene, and doing select ProDomme sessions...after my years of playing only privately.

Some of my magazine covers