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The most important tool in BDSM play is not a paddle, whip or any is your mind.  I don’t need toys to play, because domination is not just flogging or caning, it is guiding a journey.  A dominant takes submissives to places they can’t go alone. 

I teach the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of guiding submissives on journeys including their safe return and aftercare through using a set of techniques I call - DommeCraft and The Dominatrix Arts.


"There’s no one else out there, offering classes, that could give her students such a holistic, psychological education." - Domina M

I’m Simone Justice, an experienced lifestyle female dominant and professional dominatrix teaching classes in Los Angeles on DommeCraft and The Dominatrix Arts.  I also offer Dominatrix Apprenticeships to a select few.

While I was Head Mistress of my own dungeon, in the late 90s, I designed and refined a training program in order to ensure the high-quality of domination sessions offered in my establishment.  I realized that not only do I enjoy teaching, I’m pretty good at it.  I have a proven track record of success in teaching women how to be a dominant.  Several of the most successful dominatrices in the world apprenticed with me (see a list of dominatrices I have mentored on my Dommes page)

There are many great classes, books and videos for learning BDSM skills in bondage, spanking, whipping, etc.  What I teach is not only all aspects of how to play with skill, but how to dominate, which encompasses much more than is taught in most classes focusing only on specific skills.

I teach how to put it all together, in your own way, to reach your personal goals of excellent domination (and meet your submissive’s specific needs). 

I assist in bringing out the inner dominant and helping women to get comfortable in the domme role - so they can feel confident being in charge of BDSM play.


Domination Classes:

“Verbal Domination Skils - RolePlay” Los Angeles

March 31st


Become A Dominatrix - Level 1 April 13,14.15

Become A Dominatrix - Level 1 June 8.9.10

Develop The Dominatrix - Level 2 Sept 14,15,16

Evolve The Dominatrix - Level 3 Oct 19.20,21


Become A Dominatrix NYC - Level 1 July 20,21,22

Become A Dominatrix NYC - Level 1 Nov 9,10,11

Develop The Dominatrix NYC - Level 2 Nov 16,17,18

TBA Free Classes

Classes at Domcon Los Angeles & New Orleans

Pleasures Chest Los Angeles, NYC

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I offer classes in how to be a female dominant (or domme) ranging from classes for the complete novice to the advanced dominant.  I teach the BDSM skills necessary to play safe, sane and consensually, as well as, how to develop talents in the more complex verbal, psychological and emotional aspects of domination. 

My classes cover elements of what I call DommeCraft - the skills used by dommes to craft incredible BDSM experiences for themselves and their submissives.

My DommeCraft classes prepare dommes for personal play with a partner, and are also preparatory for my professional dominatrix courses.

  Group DommeCraft Classes

I teach four-hour courses that begin with a Lesson, followed by Q&A then a Workshop, where we are joined by subs for hands-on experience:

Class topics include:

    Orientation to DommeCraft

    Foot, Shoe and Boot Worship

    Basic Bondage

    Verbal Domination, Basic

    Corporal Play, Light to Medium

    The Goddess Role

    Slave Training

    Corporal Play, Heavy

    Heavy Bondage


    Verbal Domination, Levels 1, 2 & 3

    Humiliation - The 6S Technique

    Advanced DommeCraft

  Private DommeCraft Lessons

Some of my students prefer the individualized curriculum and privacy of courses I prepare just for them.  I utilize my more than 20 years experience as a lifestyle Mistress with a stable of both local and long distance submissives ranging in service for up to ten years. 

Initially, we meet for an interview where I gather information on the unique needs of the female dominant and her stable.  I use our encounter to get a read on her skill level, and assess her strengths and weaknesses.  Then, I prepare a set of courses to maximize her talents and reach her goals. 

Classes begin with a lesson, followed by Q&A, then progress to practicing the skills while I give feedback.  Women who have studied with me have gained confidence and skills that deepen and strengthen their lifestyle relationships.

  The Dominatrix Arts

I teach classes in how to be a dominatrix which expand on my DommeCraft classes into specifics for the professional, what I call, The Dominatrix Arts.

I have mentored several women to very successful dominatrix careers.  Some of them started out as curious novices, others came to me with prior experience, but all of those who completed training with me have become full-time dominatrices with excellent reputations for their proficiency in The Dominatrix Arts.

  Group Dominatrix Classes

Check back or join my email list to find out when I am teaching group classes in the Dominatrix Arts.

These classes have been refined from the monthly group courses I taught to the women who sessioned at my dungeon and other pros.  And from my experiences mentoring dominatrices.  Over the years, I have developed and added new classes, mostly in response to specific requests made by ProDommes seeking to expand their skills.

Class topics include:

    Analyzing Client Needs

    Orchestrating Sessions

    The Classic Types of Sessions (What to Wear, Say and Do)

    Business and Marketing

    Getting And Keeping The Clients You Want

  Private Dominatrix Lessons

One-to-one I can tailor each class to meet your specific needs.  I will analyze your current level of play and identify your strengths and weaknesses, then address how to maximize your potential.  I will design an individualized program for you.  I’ll answer your questions and help you to meet your own personal goals.  After we work together for a while, I will present my observations and suggestions for perfecting your own unique Dominatrix Arts. 

If you choose, I can do what I have done for several others; come up with a name, look, catch phrase, help you to write a bio, website content and design a marketing strategy for you that highlights your best assets and draws clients who will match your particular abilities and preferences as a professional dominatrix.

Private lessons offer the opportunity for refining your skills, branding, and image to your specific needs, talents and personality.  Becoming a dominatrix truly is manifesting your own unique inner dominant.  I can assist you in discovering and developing this aspect of yourself to reach your full potential.

Other Female Dominantion Classes


Group Weekend Domination Immersion Course “Become A Dominatrix - Level 1”:

“This is more than a class, you will be taken on a journey of self -discovery, full transformation, body, spirit and soul into a Goddess.” - Mistress Morante LaRosa

“Become A Dominatrix” was, in a word, life changing. I signed up for the class after meeting Mistress Simone with little to no experience as a Dominant. I had some lifestyle experience in BDSM but only as a submissive. Mistress Simone looked at me and saw the Domme inside me even before I did. Once the class itself began, all of my nerves melted away. Mistress Simone's teaching style broke down the basics of Domination into a digestible and easy to understand formula. I instantly felt comfortable and confident using my new skill set and was supported and encouraged by Her, Mistress Damiana and the other women in the class along the way. The transformation I made over the course of the weekend was incredible. I now feel ready to take on my new role as a Domme and feel so lucky to have learned from the absolute best. I'm looking forward to continuing my studies with Mistress Simone in the future.”

  1. -Mistress Maia McQueen 

“I have become more accepting of myself and others, more fully awake and alive, less fearful and more loving. This weekend designed to "Awaken the Goddess" taught me that she was never really sleeping... just resting, getting properly charged up to conquer whatever and whomever she chooses.” - E.L.

“The attention to detail, thoroughness and expertise that Mistresses Simone and Damiana shared with us has been invaluable to me. The energy and support from the powerhouse of women in the group really helped aid the intensity in which we delved in to the subject matter. I am truly honored to have been included in the experience and to become part of the their Dominatrix lineage.” - Mistress Heidi

"Simone Justice flawlessly puts the sensual and intuitive elements of a BDSM scene to words, allowing you to hone and perfect your skills from the inside, out. Whether you're absolutely new or a seasoned player, with her help, anyone can find and take hold of their inner Goddess." – Miss Mina Midnight

I highly recommend taking “Become A Dominatrix”. This course is for anyone, not just for lifestyle or professional Dommes, and offers much more than an education in BDSM. It is an opportunity to shed our self-doubt and our deepest insecurities and embark on a journey toward self-actualization. This course gave me a greater sense of empowerment, confidence, sensitivity and compassion as well as a long lasting bond with an extraordinary group of diverse women. – Mistress Mighty

Private Flogging Lesson:

Simone Justice is the epitome of a master educator. Her ability to pull from vast knowledge and experience is matched only by her ability to translate those skills into packets of digestible and relatable information. In one session with Simone, I learned more about technique and approach than I have in years of being in the scene. Simone is an asset to our community as both a Mistress and an Educator. I am honored to call myself her student.

- Megan B

Watching Simone Justice flog is like watching a world class dancer. There is an elegance and form that comes from practice and passion. I was able to refine my flogging skills to the point that it is my favorite in session, and more importantly through one class I feel more confident in my technique than with any other implement. Additionally, I understand the theory and was able to practice until I felt comfortable too. - Mistress Aleta Cai

Lifestyle Domme Students:

“Simone's private classes far exceeded my expectations in all areas.  It is obvious right from the start that she enjoys teaching and mentoring.  Her approach is professional, comprehensive and thoughtful; she has the ability to put you at ease immediately. 

As I was preparing for class I wondered how you could "teach" this subject.  Simone starts with your goals and experience and builds on a prepared syllabus, going into more details and practice sessions for any subject you care to explore. 

We discussed my style, attire and make-up.  Simone arranged for a private professional make-up lesson.  This meant I had the opportunity to practice, not just watch the transformation. The artist did an amazing job and left me with detailed instructions and sources to purchase my products.  Though I did not have time, there was the option for restyling my hair. Maybe next time.

There was also time to go over my wardrobe.  Simone had excellent suggestions including where to source the best. She called ahead then accompanied me to fetish store where they had pulled specific pieces for me and I found the perfect outfit. 

Overall, it was an empowering experience.  The practice sessions with live models, especially the last one in a dungeon gave me the confidence and desire to pursue my inner Domme.  I will be back for the next level of training!” - R.L.

"I would define myself as a traditional woman and I was dating a man who revealed to me that he had a lifelong interest in BDSM.  At his suggestion, I reached out to Simone so that I could get a better understanding of the D/s dynamic.   I first spoke to Simone over a cup of coffee and immediately felt at ease.  She took the time to explain not only the technical, but also the mental aspects of the BDSM.   It had an immediate effect on my relationship with my boyfriend, allowing me to better understand and embrace this aspect of his sexuality.  After our coffee meeting, I met Simone at her studio and had a chance to focus more on the technical aspects.  I found Simone to be a very trustworthy, empathetic and knowledgeable teacher and guide and cannot more highly recommend her.”  - K.M.

“I was introduced to Simone by a mutual friend and when I expressed a desire to learn more about Kink and Fetish she was extremely helpful to me.  She is incredibly intelligent and has done extensive research regarding her craft.  I could tell she receives a great deal of joy from sharing her knowledge with people who are new to the scene and curious about where to start.  She was so patient with all of my inquiries and she never made me feel like I had  any stupid questions. 

When I invited Simone to play parties at my house she was an amazing teacher to my guests to had questions and they all remarked about how patient and knowledgeable she was.  She is well versed in all types of play, as well as the mental and emotional side of D/s relationships.  Simone recently was added to our list of Global Goddesses at when she attended our fetish event in Costa Rica 2015 and we were so pleased to have such an amazing representative of the Kink community joining us for the event.  I would recommend Simone's classes to anyone who is eager or curious. This applies to Professionals who want to learn about how to not only be an effective Mistress, but also how to responsibly run a business in this type of industry.  Additionally, she has so much to offer individuals and couples who'd like to spice up their lives by adding this fantastic type of exploration to their lives.

Thank you Simone for all the ways you've enriched my life!”

- Domina Bellicose

ProDomme Students:

“Mistress Simone's reputation as an established Professional Dominatrix worldwide is an accomplishment that is achieved due to her intensive understanding of the D/s dynamic and her strong psychological background for many years. She understands BDSM to the very foundation and utilizes her 20+ years expertise as a Lifestyle Domina to craft classes that explain the fundamentals of any skill that any individual wishes to learn, build, and understand. Not only does she explain how, she also teaches key psychological elements that will leave an impression on any submissive or slave. The lessons she has taught me in the Dominatrix Arts are invaluable assets that have widened my knowledge of BDSM and continue to remain integral components to how I conduct my sessions to date.” - Mistress Mei Li 

""Mistress Simone Justice is an absolute legend in the BDSM world.  My skills as a ProDomme have been deepened and enhanced by her creative, informative, and expertly executed classes, teachings, and fully experiential demos. One of my most cherished memories is when Simone took another one of her apprentices and me to DomCon as a "guide," introducing us to many other players and explaining the in's and out's of the scene. I am proud to have worked with her as one of my mentors. If you are considering Professional Domination as a profession or simply interested exploring BDSM on a more profound and personal level, I highly recommend contacting Simone. I am grateful to have met and studied with her as she is an extraordinary woman and a class act in every way." - Miss Kaila Yi

ProDomme Protégés:

Mistress Simone Justice has a way of empowering women on their BDSM journeys like no other woman, allowing her students to gain confidence, skills and ethics in a world sometimes difficult to approach on your own. I wholeheartedly recommend Mistress Simone’s classes from complete novices to working professionals. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from someone who has more experience than most dominas on the current scene combined." - Mistress Inga Larsson

"I was so lucky to have met Mistress Simone Justice at the time when I was looking to learn more about kink and BDSM.  That first learning experience is always so important and I could have not asked for a better mentor.  Her teaching style is very clear, specific, and well organized.  She gives you a great foundation and inspires you to grow as a unique dominatrix using your own creativity.  In her lessons you will acquire knowledge on different aspects of BDSM, on correct technique, safety, business elements, creating your own dominatrix image and brand, and so much more.  She is a wonderful teacher and person.  I continue to learn from her to this day."  - Mistress Ekatarina Romanovich

“Mistress Simone Justice was putting together her dungeon, The Halls of Justice, in Hollywood and offered to train me.  How could I refuse such a proposition; to be trained by a well respected and admired dominatrix is a luxury most women do not have the pleasure to have.  Now, one must understand, for someone to be so well recognized and acquire such a position within the BDSM community before the internet, was no small feat.  We had so much fun; being able to learn my craft from this amazing dominatrix, in the most beautifully appointed Dungeon in the Los Angeles area, was a dream come true.  One cannot deny her prodigious amount of knowledge in all aspects of the scene.  Safety was the number one priority; with her technical abilities precise and on-point every time.  She never missed a beat.  

I could go on-and-on about Mistress Simone’s qualifications and her ability to train up-and-coming Dommes thoroughly.   However, it was her intuitive skills and personality, that allowed her to effortlessly connect with those around her; slaves and Mistresses alike.  Her quick quip will leave you captivated and wanting more.  I don't know any other professional dominatrix that has produced as many world famous dominatrices, as Mistress Simone Justice; you can't go wrong in training with her.  I owe everything to Mistress Simone and it is an honor to be known as one of her protégés.” - Mistress Gemini

"There are many out there who can teach you to wield a whip--Simone does that extremely well—but there are few who can put it in the psychological and emotional context that she does.   All good dominants have a combination of natural demeanor, intelligence and creativity, but it is only with an education, such as one can get from Mistress Simone Justice, that one can take the next step to being a great mistress.

I learned, not just the basics, such as corporal, bondage, medical and more, but how to properly conduct my business and most importantly how to use these techniques to get inside my subject’s mind and subconscious.  There’s no one else out there, offering classes, that could give her students such a holistic, psychological education." - Domina M