In-Person Session Schedule

        Tues- Sat 11-8pm

Phone Schedule

I’m taking calls mostly weekday nights 7-11pm PST.


   I Expect Proper Behavior

You would do well to read my article “How To Make An Appointment With a Dominatrix” to learn about proper behavior before contacting me.

   In Return, I will...

I conduct myself in a professional, mature manner with my clients.  I respect my clients’ need for discretion and privacy and ask the same in return.  Everything you tell me and our experiences together will remain confidential.

I only play in clean, safe environments with top quality equipment and never above my level of experience.  I do not drink alcohol or take drugs but even if I did,  I would never play while under the influence.  I take the responsibility of controlling a scene and taking caring of my clients very seriously.

  Advance Booking Only

All first-time appointments are booked in advance.  Return clients may inquire about same-day appointments but will have more success with advance booking.

   Application Protocol

All contact begins with a brief email containing the following:

    Your name or alias and any nickname I may have bestowed

    No photos, please

    Details of any prior meeting with me including location

    List of your main BDSM interests and experience level

    Specify any medical or physical limitations

    Tell me how you found me

    Explain exactly what draws you to me

    If we have not met, references are required -

    Supply contact info of pro-dommes who’ll vouch for  you.

If you do not provide all of the above requested...I will not reply.

If I think we may be compatible I will reply to your email with further instruction on how to set up a phone interview.

The phone interview is a chance to see if we are a match for sessions, long distance or in-person.  All phone interviews will be scheduled in advance and take place on NiteFlirt at a reduced rate.

All initial sessions will be arranged in this manner requiring patience and persistence on your part, by design.  Only clients invited for return sessions will be provided with my private phone number.


By appointment only. Write me to schedule.

   Protocol Is Important To Me

If you are sincere about making an appointment I suggest that you read this entire page before contacting me.  I will not respond to inquiries that ignore my protocol.




My specialty is Enslavement.

During my years in the lifestyle, I honed my natural abilities in discerning and surpassing the submissive, fetishistic and masochistic needs of my supplicants.  I use this expertise to enslave those who seek the experience of true domination. 

I am talented at inducing and maintaining sustained states of absolute submission.  However, this is not required to session with me.  I will only take possession of those who want to be slaves.  You have nothing to fear if you are looking to simply session, I enjoy that as well.


I own a fetish wardrobe of leather, latex and PVC garments including corsets, gowns, catsuits, lingerie, hats and gloves.  I have boots ranging from ankle to thigh-high in leather, PVC and latex.  I love heels and own an extensive selection. 

Tell me your weakness and I will use that information wisely.

  Studio and Toys

I mostly play at the well-stocked elaborate private studio of Isabella Sinclaire.  Located in downtown Los Angeles, the dungeon offers multiple rooms with various play stations, an array of toys, a shower, plus easy and safe parking.


My tribute is commensurate with my experience of over 20 years at the professional level and therefore is at the high end of the spectrum.

Be aware that premium domination is not found at a bargain.  If finances are a concern, then I recommend that you book a session at an established house rather than with an inexperienced domme.  At times, I may be training an apprentice whom I supervise in sessions (sort of like a double session but the apprentice will lead).  Apprentices are booked at a lower tribute than mine.  If I am training an apprentice I will post it on my News page.  Or you can send me an email to be added to a list.


I excel in long-term safe, sane and consensual relationships based on power exchange. 

Towards this end, I utilize several means including restraint, physical sensation, and psychological tactics.  I am strict, calm and commanding while guiding journeys into the deepest realms of submission.

My favorite techniques are:



    Chastity and Denial




    Financial Domination

    Foot, Shoe and Boot Worship



    NT, CBT


    Sensory Deprivation

    Slave Training


    Verbal Domination


I very much enjoy being worshipped, adored and pampered. 

  My Limits

I will not follow a script or checklist, if you want someone to simply act out a fantasy I suggest you try a house of domination or a beginner dominatrix.  We will discuss your proclivities prior to our session and I will respect your limits...but I will craft the particulars.

I do not see novices.

Scenarios I do not provide:

    Age Play, Animal Training (Canine, Equestrian), Breath Play, Facesitting, Infantilism, Smoking, Strap-on, Tickling and Wrestling.

NO Sex -NO Nudity

I am of the era when dominatrices did not offer sex or nudity, if you are looking for that, it is easy to find.  Go elsewhere.


All sessions are booked in advance.  I offer the following types of appointments:

In-Person Sessions

    Minimum of 2 hours for new clients.  Prior clients may book for no less than 1 hour. 

Extended and Overnight Sessions

    Longer sessions are my preference as extended time allows for increased intensity of play and the evolution of a deeper connection. 


    I love to include my favorite dominas in session.  Los Angeles double sessions are possible with Isabella Sinclaire, Inga Larsson, and Ekaterina Romanovich.  In New York I offer doubles with Domina M, Mistress Troy and Troy Orleans.  When I travel, I often offer doubles with a local domina.  Check my Travel page for details.


    I regularly play at parties hosted by Damiana Chi, check her website for schedule and details.  All party appearances will be listed on my News page.

Long Distance Training

    Phone and webcam training are pleasing to me.  I do not enjoy the lesser interaction of postal or email training and therefore do not offer those formats. 

All long distance training begins with an email following my protocol above.

Check my this page for my current phone and webcam schedule.

Outings, Outcalls and Destination Sessions

     Although I do enjoy outcalls, outings, and traveling to destinations for sessions, these types of appointments are available only after sessioning with me, and only for a select few of my clients.

Personal Servitude

    All personals must audition as clients. 

    I only allow a select few clients to train as personals and even fewer to collar as my slave. 

Do not waste my time or yours inquiring about personal servitude until we have sessioned - it will only convince me of our incapability.  I will see it as proof that you have no understanding of the reality of being a personal slave.


   If You Are A Novice

The ONLY chance novices have to serve me is on NiteFlirt for phone or webcam sessions.  See schedule above.  When the button reads “Call Now”, I am available.

  Former Clients...

I have an excellent memory and I will remember you if we interacted more than once.  There are many of you that I think of and miss playing with, even if for some reason, we can’t play again, I would be happy to hear from you.  All of you.