I Do Not Solicit Gifts

I was the first Dominatrix to publish a WishList, before Amazon even existed.  I made it in response to those who wanted guidance, for all the requests I would get about what to bring or give me, not as a ploy for presents.  My tribute is sufficient.  I do not expect gifts.  I began this tradition as a kindness not a demand.    

In general, I do not like to collect things, I abhor clutter and detest useless objects.  I already own everything I truly want.  The luxury I most value is travel.  And I like to play more than I desire items.  Therefore I would prefer longer and/or more frequent sessions or surprise tributes over material things. 

But if you are moved to present me with a gift, I hope you find this list helpful.

  To Please Me

For those who seek to pamper me, be aware that I am notorious for being extremely specific in my taste and you will do well to adhere to the selections detailed here.  Initiative is not advised.

  Former Clients...

Please  note that my preferences have changed.

  Discretion Required

As gift cards and websites sometimes require a name, discretion is required.  Do not address anything to me as recipient but rather leave that section blank unless absolutely necessary and then only use Simone and no last name or just the initial J (no Mistress, please!).  Leave the message section blank or keep your note absolutely vanilla. 

Please follow these directions to assure that you do not render gift certificates useless to me.

My Birthday: April 2nd

  Thank You





These items are perfect to present to me in session. 


The most meaningful gifts are heartfelt notes and cards.


Roses only.  Please do not present flowers to me when I am traveling.

Gift Cards

iTunes, Starbucks, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.


Box Sets and Single Cards.  I can always use more “thank you” cards.  I like Papyrus, Crane and Satsuma.

Books, Movies and Magazines

I’ve chosen specfic books and magazines for my Books Wishlist.  A list of BDSM movies I would like to watch is found on my Movies Wishlist.

Beauty Products

See my Beauty Products Wishlist.  Please don’t gift other items, I will not be pleased.

No Food or Scented Items

Please do not bring or send me any food, dessert, candy or beverages due to my allergies.  Also due to allergies, please do not give me anything scented such as a candle, perfume, or lotion.


These items are for special occasions.  My birthday month is April.

Gift Cards

Amazon, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus

Clothing, Shoes, Electronics, Etc.

See my Amazon Wishlist to find gifts that you know I will love. Although I will appreciate any gift, know that initiative in gift-giving to me is discouraged, if you truly seek to please.


I’ve chosen specific jewelry pieces on my Amazon Wishlist.


I only wear black stockings - No pantyhose, No stay-ups. 

Please do not get any brand other than Wolford,  I find most hosiery too coarse to wear.  In black only, please.

                   Wolford Individual 10 Stocking, Size L

                   Wolford Affaire 10 Stocking, Size L

My Amazon WishList

Beauty Products List

Books list  movies list

IMPORTANT: Only Address to “SIMONE” DO NOT write Mistress or anything else ONLY “SIMONE”


P.O. BOX 6031